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Your in-home nutritional solutions.

Why In The Home?

The reason for the home visit is so you and the dietitian can talk about foods you currently have in the home to figure out how they can fit into your nutritional plan or tweaked to be healthier. It also helps you and the dietitian be on the same page by knowing exactly what you are describing when referring to what you eat.

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What We Do

At Home Nutrition, LLC is a private nutrition practice the provides individualized nutrition counseling in weigh management, diabetes, renal disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, and many others. We serve all age groups from newborns to the retired. Are you curious about making a life-style change? Whether your doctor or a loved one said that it needed to be done, you have taken the important step in getting help to have a healthier lifestyle!

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We Work For You

We understand that you are busy and going to another appointment is a pain. That is why we come to you! Doing an in-home consult helps our dietitians see what you eat and you do not have to wait at an office. For the busy working professionals, we can conveniently come to your place of employment during your lunch break!

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What Our Clients Say

This business offers a wonderful service! I have been meeting with Karen for over a year in my home and she has been a tremendous help to me in managing my diabetes and helping me to lose weight. She is quite knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and physical wellness. She is always searching for new information to help her clients as well as providing encouragement and sound nutrition advice. I highly recommend this business and the service they offer!!! -JY